I urge you not to think about leaving the motherland- there is no motherland elsewhere

Dear Compatriots, sisters and brothers,
The year 2022, a year full of difficulties and hard trials, is coming to an end. There were moments of despair and downfall, but in the same year new families were formed,children were born in our country and we had victories and acts of heroism.
I bow to the soldiers who fell while protecting the borders of the motherland. I bow to their parents.
I consider it my duty to do everything for ensuring a bright future for their families and children.
What can we expect in 2023? Unfortunately, life is not a fairy tale and our problems will not dissapear with the start of a new calendar year. But I am sure that at the New Year’s Eve and on the following days we will make important changes: to change the negative atmosphere, to overcome evil and indifference, which are equally wrong.
I urge everyone to start the new year with this simple but important step.
I urge you to ignore the despair. I urge you not to think about leaving the motherland- there is no motherland elsewhere.
We can overcome all of the problems that we have. Shoulder to shoulder, we will overcome the difficulties and build a stronger country which is continuously developing. We have friends and allies which will support us, but firstly we have us- our creative mind and the love towards our country.
Happy New Year Everyone !
Happy New Year to our heroic compatriots in Artsakh, to all Armenians spread throughout the world, to all the friendly and peaceful nations.
Special congratulations to the soldiers preserving our borders.
I wish everyone peace and joy.
May God bless us all…