We must do everything possible to ease their lives

A meeting was held with Gagik Tsarukyan and his teammates, representatives of the charity fund and volunteers who took an active part in the organization of urgent support to Artsakh Armenians. The course of work on the organization of large-scale support, the emerging problems and the ways of their rapid solution were discussed. Gagik Tsarukyan was presented with the reports of the works performed in different directions and gave specific instructions. The need for constant feedback, provision of mechanisms for constant communication with Artsakh Armenians, targeted and addressed provision of support was emphasized. Gagik Tsarukyan also appreciated the work and cooperation with individuals and compassionate groups who constantly try to find resources and to help our compatriots. He asked to tell them about his admiration and willingness to support them for a more efficient activity. “The people of Artsakh are our brothers and sisters, and we must do everything possible to ease their lives. The first thing that should be done and is being done by the vast majority of the Armenian people is a warm human attitude, and the second thing is urgent support to solve people’s daily problems. But in the near future, we will have to do a more long-term and well-developed work, which will need to be supported by the state, big business, Armenians around the world and all systems with intellectual and other resources”, Gagik Tsarukyan said during the meeting.