Gagik Tsarukyan’s message on Artsakh Republic (Independence) Day

Dear brothers and sisters of Artsakh,

I congratulate you on the Independence Day of the Republic of Artsakh. No Armenian can renounce the path through which you and the entire Armenian people have passed. No Armenian can renounce your right to live in peace and dignity in your historical homeland.
Artsakh, that has given the civilized world many authoritative figures, servicemen, scientists, representatives of art and culture, today proves to the same civilized world that it deserves the right to live peacefully on its native land.

Dear citizens of Artsakh,

Please do not believe the ominous assertions that Armenians have left you alone and are indifferent to your fate. There is no such thing, there is no normal Armenian whose heart is not with you, who has not been troubled during these difficult days. Today you preserve the dignity of the entire Armenian people with your will and strength to resist inhuman deprivations and with your unbreakable will to live in your own homeland.
I assure you that your sufferings will not be in vain. I am sure that the day is not far off when the situation will stabilize, and life in Artsakh will return to a peaceful and creative course with the efforts of Armenians and the efforts of our allies and friends in the civilized world.

God bless us all…