We have one homeland and we must stand up for our country

Dear compatriots, sisters and brothers,
My speech today is not a call. My speech today is not an ordinary message. My speech is a simple, open speech of a person born, living, and accomplished in Armenia, addressed to his compatriots. I know that there is a widespread opinion that we have no disposition to celebrate May 9 and if there is some point in celebrating it at all? I want to directly ask you to drive away those thoughts, the doubt about our strength and our future.
We have had brilliant successes, brilliant victories, and that is our history made by us, our parents, our grandfathers, our friends and compatriots.
We will always remember our history, we will remember and honor our compatriots, and we must stand up for all our victories.
Like any state and nation, we have had failures and downfalls. And we must have the strength to take responsibility for them as well.
This is the only way for people to revive, to straighten their backs.
That’s how people, working competently and persistently, ensure peace, create a safer and more prosperous life for their state and families.
I am sure that we will do it.
I am confident in the genetic potential of our people, our historical memory, our spiritual heritage.
We have a new generation and brilliant youth. We also have a brilliant sports generation that continues achieving victories and proving that Armenians can be among the strongest in the world, keeping our flag flying with dignity.
How should we celebrate our victories today? First of all, with the determination to straighten our backs, making conclusions about what we did wrong and what we did not well enough.
And of course, the first step is to achieve internal solidarity. Our national ascent will begin from the moment of establishment of internal solidarity.
I want to specially congratulate our compatriots in Artsakh, emphasizing their invaluable role in all our victories. From Sardarapat to today, our compatriots of Artsakh have had an important participation. In the fight against fascism, small Artsakh gave 45 thousand participants, many generals, marshals and heroes.
And Artsakh, which is under siege today, has every moral right to demand support and protection from the international community.
I congratulate our veterans, volunteers and freedom fighters. I congratulate all dear servicemen of our Armenian army. I bow to the memory of all our victims. I bow to the mothers of our heroes.
We have one homeland and we must stand up for our country. Long live all our past and future victories!
God bless us all…